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Started this yesterday and finished this tonight for a client, both the design and the rendering. The exterior of the house is intentionally very simple and traditional. The interior spaces get a little more interesting and hopefully I’ll have time to do an interior shot in the next couple of days before I leave for 3 weeks if my workload doesn’t kill me…

So, a very quick job, but I was pretty happy with how it came out. I decided I’d try to learn how to do a winter scene and thought it went OK, though I definitely need to push it more!

PS. Once I have a bit more time I want to put it through Lux and its beautiful exporter. It’s just that Lux can’t offer a good enough turn-around time yet, Vray chopped this up in 2 hours.

Comments/crits much appreciated!

AutoCAD + Blender + Vray + Photoshop


The house branches and sky look great! especially for 2 days of work! The snow texture could use some work though, it’s too blue, and not smooth enough, I think the texture is too large…


man~ you did a cool job! love this!!!
btw, how you make those edge looks like a real photo? :slight_smile:

That’s a great job !! Looks like a pic

The rendering is great, but I thought that the ridge of snow covers up too much of the building, and seems to straight-edged. Really nice shading and DOF on the house and branches, respectively.

Thanks for the kind comments!

Thanks. It just covers up the nasty unmodeled underside of the house :stuck_out_tongue: I also wanted to play around with something different than just a flat ground plane.

Thank you!

Do you mean the vignetting or the slight dispersion? The vignetting is a combination of Vray camera vignetting and Photoshop work. The color dispersion is a slight Photoshop lens distortion, though Blender’s lens distortion works very well too. Other than that, there is just some slight DOF so that the branches right in front of the camera are blurred a bit.

Thanks! Yeah, definitely something to work on, though I was pretty happy for my first snow texture/material! It’s meant to be a bit rough n crunchy, but I should keep tweaking it. The texture is actually white/grey with no color. It is blue because of the ambient lighting in the scene (the sky).


I especially like the composition.

Nice mood, I love that image. It would be interesting so see a BlenderInternal / Yafaray / Lux Version done by you. As a kind of comparison between Vray, Yafaray and Lux, Lux being by far the slowest one the three due to the unbiased approach.

Anyway, great and fast work!

A bit low on details, but man, that is some noce work with the lights!

Very nice work! I love it! If I could pick one thing to criticize it would be the snow…it could use some work. Other than that. Great great job! :smiley:

Well, I noticed one obvious flaw. There’s no snow on the roof!

Metal roof! :eyebrowlift: Who knows, maybe the people take care to clean it off… :wink:

I love the overall atmosphere or ambience of this render. It feels like it could be a small lodge in Colorado that Architectural Digest would feature. :slight_smile:

But there are no footprints in the snow! So how did they get onto the roof? lol. Just saying, it’s common sense. Some snow on the roof would make the house look like it’s actually there instead of just photoshopped onto a snowy background.