Lodhar: Short Film Protagonist [UPDATE - 3-6-03]

I made this guy for a short film, and there is definately something wrong with his face. I just cant put my finger on it. It seems like the eye sockets are a little small, but when i size them up, they look too big. Any crits… suggestions. Feel free to take a blast at my self-esteem.

*UPDATE - 3-6-03
Needs better lip comfiguration. More crits please.


The forehead should be a lot higher, the back of the nose (ridge) should be closer to the forehead (the upper part), nose wings are missing, the lips look like he is being smothered from behind using an invisible plastic film or something. He needs eyelids, not bigger eyes. And he needs eyebrows, at least some bone behind them.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just blasting away =). By the way - I like your sig!

Thanks JamesK… I should have an updated model within 24 hours.

Dude…that thing is just freaky!!! Seriously, if i saw that little thing walking around i would be creeped the hell out, what is it!!!

I say go with the creepy evil feel of it, take away from the cartoony bits, and add more freaky creapy bits, (bits of fur, claws, teeth and glowing eyes type stuff…)


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Sorry to be the black ship, but aren’t you referencing (to much) to Lyubomir Kovachev’s ‘Blendo’ (BlenderChar’s website) ?

At least your character and blendo share the same body *a freaky thought, in deep.

Hence the “works in progress post” Im using that body type right now (Yes, i have changed it) but i needed something to put the head on.

yes,his eyes are not in his head,but on.

so i,m with Jamesk,eye lids, a bone.

they are too much on top right now!!

other than that…great work!!!

It is difficult to help you, Gollum.

This is apparently a completely ‘fantasy’ character born in your mind, so, apart from technical errors, which I can’t see, we cannot really tell you what’s wrong, because we don’t know what you imagined :slight_smile:

Personally I find the exagonal arms a bit funny.


He is supposed to be like a little human (Possibly hair, figuring that out later) with ears. Hes got Big hands, and it pretty much just going to be a comical humanoid alien.

I can maybe add hair later if he needs it.

Eyes should be positioned halfway down the face, if that helps. Also, head should be smaller at the top.

Looks good!

If the overall anatomy is to be human-like, I think you had better get some reference pictures. There are many things that need to be changed. I understand that hands and feet are to be exagerated, but even then…

Lots of thing to fix have you got, young jedi </star wars mode end>

I think the nose shold be a little smaller towards the top.
Cool pic!