Loft Atelier

Hi all, here s shot from my new commerce order / two loft interiors …
Soft as usually, small change in Motiva - used Agfa DF400 filter…
[email protected] and tips to improve are welcome…


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looks awesome as always. you’re really talented at making interiors (in blender of course).

Fantastic work! Very photorealistic… Your use of Cycles is topnotch!
Could you post some wires? Render time?
Thank you!

Very nice work, the professional quality is admiring.

I think, it´s Yafaray not the toy called Cycles. :cool:

Radek s right… Its Yafaray 0.1.1 little postpro /film filter/ in MOTIVA…rendertime about 140 minutes /1024x768/ on Athlon II X4 Win7…wires will be soon

Wow - it was hard to find the little things which say it’s no photo! :slight_smile:

I supposed it was Cycles because HANGAR already posted other good Cycles tests and I didn’t know also other renderers had film’s presets :slight_smile:
However it’s pretty obvious this new renderer can’t be compared to Yafa (or Luxrender) but why call it a toy? I made and saw a lot of examples that prove its capabilities! :slight_smile:

I mean, Cycles will be great improve for everybody…Designers, artists, animators…but need development and more and more integration into our usually working processes…