Loft in cloister


The idea was to use a restored cloister to integrate a loft.
This is based on a reproduction of a cloister here in Liège, a place where I like to go from time to time and I can see myself living in such a peaceful place.

Everything modelled with Blender 2.5
Rendered with Octane


Your work is magnificent, I love all what you do, thanks for sharing *****

Nice. Serious work.

Those are photographs! Good ones, yet photographs. Shame on you! :wink:

Is this really CG? Wow oh wow.

Very solid!

Stunning work, very professional. The color balance is just perfect. A masterpiece!

Just one word: Wow!

Nice renders. Ugly concept. Don’t touch the cloister.

Amazing work!

Beautiful work, indeed.

If you you re from liege just as I do, i can say it in french : c est tout simplement magnifique, et ca fait partie des plus belles/reelles images que j ai vu jusqu a mtn. Felicitations :wink:
Par contre je ne vois pas du tout ou ca se situe ! :wink:

Thanks to all for viewing and commenting.

Beny:Nice to see a neighbor here :wink: En fait à la base il s’agit du cloître du musée de la vie wallonne en Hors château, mais j’ai pris quelques libertés :wink:

This is really great work! The quality of everything is so high and photoreal. However this does make the tree with the larger leaves stand out, as they aren’t quite there(still better than anything I could do though) :slight_smile:

I was excited to see you had another project. Good work as always.

Completely Awesome!

HAHA, this is amazing, I allways wonder how to do sutch a perfect floor full of small stones that blends so well with the grass, can you explain me a little of your process?

Absolutely jawdropping. Congratulations for this work.

What hardware you rendered this on?
What are the resolutions and render times?

Lovely work btw :smiley:

very good renders.