Loft in New York

Hi !

This is my last work , a new interior rendered with Yafaray .(10 hours)

HD link:


Renders of items:

I hope you like it :wink: .

i do like it.
some suggestions, though
change the in and out gamma to 2.2, unless this is targeted at older macs
change the osa filter to mitch, not box
maybe work on the rug?

great stuff however i do agree with the rug suggestion. also maybe change the level on the blinds so that the right ones arent exactly the same level as the back ones, just a small thing.

yeah babay! I love it!!!
why I can not see your setting picture?

@congcong–probably because imageshack is being blocked by your browser…
temporarily disable any adblockers :confused:

nice render Gabich

One question, can you enable Show map, and Clay render, and post the result here please (without AA), to see the quality of the photon map?

Thank for the comment.

Congcong009 :

Can you see it now?

Alvaro :This is the render with 50 depht :

As we can see nothing i take another render with 5 depht :

Very very nice render :slight_smile: The only thing I’m wondering about though, is it just me or that laptop is really big?

amazing, looks real!

I thought the same thing, its only most as big as the TV:) Very good render and modeling.

That is a great render. The lighting in the scene is really well done.

If you make any tweaks to the scene at a later date, I would swap out the background image with another image. You can see some compression artifacts and the angle of the photo doesn’t perfectly match the angle of the camera (I understand it might be hard to find one the matches well unless you take it yourself). However, the background is fairly minor issue.

Alvaro :This is the render with 50 depht :…1927644074.jpg

As we can see nothing i take another render with 5 depht :…3213464285.jpg
First, with a depth of 50 Final Gather is doing all the work and photon mapping is contributing little to the indirect lighting calculation. Depth 10 or 15 will do.

Also I believe the photon map accuracy can be improved. Please take a look at this thread:

I’m planning some changes in the photon mapping documentation so these issues are better explained.

how’d you choose between yaf(a)ray and BI?
sweet job, the laptop and tv screens would have me fooled.
you should take this somewhere and say “NEWYORKFLAT FOR SALE! $100,000!”

either way, I still think you went to some New York flat, like 5 star, photographed it and posted it here saying made in blender… :smiley:

Wow ! Your render is wonderfull !

Why not making a night version ? :slight_smile:

Fantastic render indeed!

yes I can see~ excellent render~ now Vray will go to the hell after watch your works~ haha

Beautiful. How did you texture everything, was this photoshop?

Thanks all :).

Alvaro : Thank you for the link , i will check it.

Stur : maybe :wink: .

Cruelty18: The texture come from CGtexture and i use Gimp .

Congcong009 ::smiley:

Very nice. How did you get those nice bumps on the couch? Were they texture, skulpt, material settings?

Ahh! This is good! =)

Laptop is my kind of laptop–big and easy to read. =) The chairs are cool looking. I could get used to staying in such a nice place.

My only gripe is that the texture on the back wall repeats and tiles. It looks like you shrunk the texture so that it repeated.

Other than that, congratulations on a masterpiece of realism! =)