Loft interior tutorial series

first tutorial from a series :
using archipack addon to create a realistic wooden floor:

Jarek D(DJ)


the second part (making the factory space with archipack)
is available on YT:

Jarek D (DJ)


Thanks a lot. i love architectural tutorials.

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You’re welcome.
Working on part 3 now. Hope to release it this week.

Jarek D(DJ)

At the 12 minute mark of tutorial 1 why would my rendered floor have the white streaks in it? Thanks

Why are my interior walls orange when they should be blue.

If I flip the normals the inside wall is blue but then the exterior of the wall the normals are flipped and you cannot see the exterior face of the wall. When you draw walls are you supposed to go in a certain direction? eg clockwise

I flipped the normals in the n panel of archipack and things are back to normal.

It seems like you have the bumpmapping using the wrong uv map - check the nodes
it looks like it stretches the bump texture for the whole floor object instead of the individual boards…

keep blending and don’t give up
Jarek D (DJ)

Yes, I’ve had this issue too.
The way the addon sets the outside/inside materials to the wall seemed unintuitive to me sometimes.
Anyway it’s up to you how you set up and name the materials after all.
So you can always rename inside to outside etc… :slight_smile:

or as you’ve found flip the normals (the wall object is in fact a plane with som ethickness added as a modifier)

the problem with flipping normals is that after modying the wall with the addon you might get some flipping again…

Jarek D(DJ)

Thanks for the explanations Jarek.

Next part of the series is out.
This time we take a look at creating a rusty industrial lamp:

What you’ll find there are some cool tips and tricks for modeling and shading
including texture painting and a mix of procedural and image based texturing.

Enjoy !
Jarek D (DJ)

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In case you missed the next parts that are already out:

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Getting ready to make the final shots.
I made a short teaser for the upcoming tutorial :
(some parts animated in 2.80 beta)

To be revealed this week…

Jarek D(DJ)


Thanks so much for this informative series. Do you know if / when archipack will be ported to 2.8?

Hi Chipp,

Archipack is part of the latest Blender 2.8 build(s).

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so the final part is out :

a look on the loft scene through blender camera lens

focus on making your shots great !
Happy Blending
Jarek D(DJ)

Today I will be straming live to recap the series and talk about future directions for the channel
as well as a bit on blender archviz artwork in general :

you’re welcome to join in
whether you watched the series or not (yet :wink: )

Jarek D(DJ)