Loft style living area

My last project is ended. It took me 2 weeks because there is a lot of details to make to be credible in this kind of scene. Maybe the electrical outlets and switches weren’t needed because we hardly see them on the white walls. The last touch was the female character on the foreground. I choosed to set a accentuated blurred effect on her because she isn’t the main subject of the scene. She gives scale indications (the room is very high) and also bring some life into the visual. This “blur effect” is very used in architecture visualization but with PNGs imported in photoshop during the post-production phase. Thanks to the @humangenerator3d addon because i can do exactly the character i need and make it take the light as it should. Feedback and advices are very welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your like @Franco_Caserta @MichaelBenDavid
It is not easy to find a good place to show artworks about architecture visualization (interior and exterior).
it is obvious that the trend on all platforms dedicated to digital visual arts is very influenced by other universes. It’s a bit sad because there are very beautiful things in the archiviz (1000 x better than what I do) but they are barely visible.

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I think you do a good work, you shouldn’t be influenced by the public’s approval, it will always depend on which eyes are looking at it and when they look at it, understand me? you have to keep going with what you do, it’s the key to improving, being constant, your level is already very good, you should continue, as a recommendation I can tell you to use several hashtags on Instagram that are related to archviz to achieve more reach, I have achieved very good work due to the exchange with studios and professionals on ig, you can also publish On LinkedIn, behance, and, there are many of us dedicating ourselves to the same thing, but if you are good and constant everything pays off, whether as a hobby or work, I will be looking forward to your next work, big hug!

Thank you for your support. Sometimes it’s important to hear: don’t give up!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot, i appreciate

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

I am very very very happy of it !
Thanks a lot @bartv

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the blur on the person is so distracting

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Really great work, but that ghost is so out of place and jarringly awkward. ; - )

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Well, it’s busy – very busy – and I don’t think I would hire the electrical contractor … :wink: … but the idea of including a motion-blurred image of the owner is very original and you did it very well. Her body’s blurry but – critically – her face is sharp.

Everything about the set design, props, lighting, and so-on is “absolutely there,” and it well deserves to be featured.

Nice work… A few things I might change if it were mine: One, the person looking at the camera – it is a little creepy (to me) but most of the archviz images I’ve seen, the people aren’t looking directly at the camera.

The second thing is a few of the light cords seem to be hanging low, where they might touch a person’s head if they don’t duck.

Lastly, the pillow on the left looks like it might be burnt – hard to tell if that’s a pattern or not… But good work overall. I’m a newbie to Blender but have been looking at archiviz artists for inspiration. Keep going!

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Thanks a lot for your reply. It is a portfolio project inspired by a real project so… the electrician must have done his best :wink:

Thanks for your reply. I totally agree about the character. I think my mistake is to make her come out of the visual when she should have gone into!

For the cords of the light, may be it is a perpective effect i think (because i have respected the original).

I wanted to respect the original cushion but I struggled with its texturing. I should have gone for other colors / materials.

Thanks for your feedback, it is very helpful!

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I agree with you on the character. For me she should have entered the picture and not left it
Thanks for your feedback, very helpful

For me the blur is not the problem. I think my mistake is to make her come out of the visual when she should have gone into!
Thanks for your feedback !

For me, the blur is the problem. Who else other than archviz uses this blurry person trend so heavily? I flipped through over 30 magazines in the grocery story the other day, all different catagories, and did not see more than 10 uses of motion blur, and they all looked good and usually were the focal point of the image compared to the blurry people I see overused in archviz renders.

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Yes, the blur is absolutely the problem. This ham-fisted attempt at moblur is so shockingly bad that it becomes the main attraction (and certainly shouldn’t, because otherwise it is a nice render). This is why I called her a ghost up above, but i think that Christian did not get what I was implying…

@norka I think I understood. Sorry this upsets you so much.

@thinsoldier i used a ghost character in this archiviz picture because… it was a request made to me (to accentuate the scale of the room). It was the first time i used this technique so… (@norka ) let me time to learn :slight_smile: