Loft tool in Blender??????

Is there a tool like 3DS Loft in Blender?

Who don’t knows what is this tool see

Not yet. But it is coming. :smiley:

Nurbana will be incorporated in to Blender and it does have lofting. As to when this will be done, I have no idea.


What is it?

Lofting is essentially skinning (either poly or NURBS). Blender can somewhat do this with a Surface NURBS. To see it in action: Add Surface -> NURBS Circle, duplicate it (in Edit Mode), move it up, select all, and hit F. There’s lofting.

…Unless 3DS’s Loft isn’t really lofting :-?

You can do something like lofting in Blender. Add two curves, one is the path, the other one is the shape. In the Edit context of the path object enter the name of the shape object into “BevObj”. Voila!

In Blender 2.35 you’ll get even more control about the size along the path by taper curves.

i would forget about nurbana and include openNURBS instead.
that will give blender good modeling tools which are equal to
some industrial design tools.


this comes quite close…(DVirus101 mentioned it)

This lofting does not work in my Blender 2.36 running in Windows XP. Any body else have the same problem or a solution?

Can you give amy more details apart from “does not work”?
Like what it actually does do, any error messages, etc?

If you also look in your Mesh scripts, there is a loft script that you can use.

Make 2 planes and delete the faces. Then try lofting them.

O brother.
No lofting in blender?
What would you call this then?

Sorry, “does not work” needs a little more detail. I’m seeing a lot of confusion in my Official Blender 2.3 Guide and so I am distracted.

After I set up a series of seperate NURBS curves, when I go out of edit mode and try to join them with ctrl-J, all the curves collapse together in the same plane. If this does not explain it, perhaps I can post screen shots.

Here is what has been going on. A search here of “NURBS” and “join” showed some similar problems. The confusion on the choice of “surface curve” which is NOT accessable throught the “curve” menu. The curve you use is only accessable throught the “surface” menu. If you have been using the Official Guide as I have, you might have been furthered confused by the directions NOT to use a NURBS curve. It further goes on to explain responses to contexts that clearly are about a NURBS curve.

Another potential potential seems to be that you should NOT duplicate your curve for lofting in edit mode. There may be subtle reasons for this that are not apparent to the inexperienced user, but more obviously for lofting purposes, the surface you get is not as smooth.