loft visualization (cycles)

hi everyone… i modeled a new scene for a loft visualization. This is my real loft that is now under costrustion in real time. My father told me that he would visualize the loft before build it so i decided to model it in blender 2.6.10. I used real measures for the loft, and first i modeled the walls and the floor, then the doors, the stairs, the windows and the wood beams. Then i started modelling every room. There are one kitchen, one living room, one bedroom and a bathroom and the ambient is really small but all the spaces are designed to save even a few centimeters. Anyway, for the lighting i used an hdri mixed with a sky texture and a sun lamp with a very low size to get sharpen shadows. The difficoult thing was that the windows were really small so it doesn’t fit so much light from those. All textures used are from cg textures and also i didn’t model every object in the scene, some objects in fact are downloaded from blendswap like the tv model, the barcelona chair, some plants (like bamboo) and other stuff. The rest of the scene was modeled by me… this is a work in progress because with my pc that is reeeeeeeeally slow i can’t renderize very well.
I use an hp notebook pc with a processor of 2.00ghz dualcore amd, 4 gb ram and no gpu =(, so i use my really slow cpu and every render posted here tooked about 22-24 hours.
I postprocessed everything in blender to get a little glow from the windows… ahhhh i used cycles for all the scene

please let me know what u think about this scene… any critique will be appreciated, expecially about lighting, because i’m not very skilled about that…

Happy blending guys, peace


living room


I think they look pretty good, but the purple color of the tiles is kind of overpowering.

Looks great.

However, aspects stop it looking real. A very obvious, but not the only one: the beams have exactly the same texture and it is obviously repeated. The door too needs some luvin’.

Now the floor looks great, why not take the same trouble for the beams?

yeah i know that the texture repetition is a problem, in fact i modeled only one beam, then i used the array modifier, but i forgot to apply the modifier to get variations on texture… i just re-textured the door again to get a better wood texture and i will post a quick render soon if my notebook doesn’t crash… anyway thanks for the advices… any other problems that you note guys? Please let me know… i will be also able to share some materials nodes to improve my result with your tips =)

I’d change the purple of the tiles to more of a crimson-y purple or a less saturated lavender. That will bring down the overpowering vibrancy and I think help blend the rest of the room with the wooden (brown) furnishings better.

That’s my thought.

thank you, i will post my results as soon as possible ( if my notebook doesn’t crash) =)