lofted eyebrow dormer

Would it be possible to do a tutorial on how to unwrap the lofted roof and apply textures that line up with the rest of the shingled roof? If someone has a good asphalt shingle texture or knows of one please use that. Please post links to good ones. I don’t know if the one I have provided is any good, I found it on swtexture.Thanks!

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I use the one found in here:
It uses just a small repeatable texture and uses procedural to make it unique, you can then bake that out.
*** I also see there is a new version of this book for Cycles, but I haven’t got it:

What is your issue with UV unwrapping? (What type of unwrapping do you use? Have you the “Conformal” setting checked on the toolshelf?)

Here is a better file to work with? I cannot get the loft to unwrap. Conformal is not found in ny of my tool sets. Any suggestions? The texture to be used on the dormer is the same texture that is found on the main roof.

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Here is a picture of my screen. What do I need to do to get the texture on the white loft?


How do I get the shingles on the dormer to match the size of those on the main roof? Will the shigles then look darker and how do I get the texture to match? Thanks


Sorry i’m not into downloading files…

Have you marked seams and unwrapped all at once?
Which option are you using when unwrapping?

Before pressing U for unwrapping, press T to get the toolshelf on the left, then when you unwrap you will have some extra options. The (relatively) new option is Angle Based, personally I prefer Conformal.

Also after unwrapping, in a UV / Image editor, from the UV’s menu you’ll find “Average Islands Scale”, personally I don’t usually have need for it and i’m not sure if it works on the model size or the faces (i.e. you are generally taught to average out the faces of your model)

Here is the dormer loft textured. How do I get the textures to show up correctly in render mode? Avidfish, thanks for your help. You steered me in the right direction.


Sorry about the duplicate picture.Here is a perspective view.


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Thanks John. This is the first time I have tried to get the shingles on an eyebrow dormer, to line up with the rest of the textures on the main roof. Now I need to know why the shingles are not showing up properly when they are rendered and how to make them show up properly. I am going to look at this thread to see how to do projection painting.

John when you loft for the eyebrow dormer you draw half the eyebrow with the bezier tool and then draw a straight line with the same number of control points further.up the roof just below the roof surface. Then loft between them. Then use the mirror modifier.Check down the middle and make sure there are no duplicate vertices. If there are merge them at center.

Are you just working on the texture in the UV editor or have you also added the texture to the material and then set it to use UV coords?

  • Once you have the image texture in, go to the Mapping panel and change Coordinates from Generated to UV.

Avidfish if I understand you correctly, on the dormer I added the texture to the material and then set it to use uv coordinates, As for the main parts of the roof, they were brought into blender from another program with the walls, and window. Once I learn to do proper uv mapping I will improve on this a map the entire roof as one island.

I’m guessing that you only selected the texture in the Image / UV Editor, hence why you see it in the viewport but not when render.

So, to the roof you need to add a material (one may already be set), to that you need to add an Image texture, set the image and then set the Mapping.

If your model is a single mesh, then you need to go into it, select the appropriate stuff and apply the material to it (and another for the rest). There are other ways of using a single material by using nodes but I think that’s for later…

Avid fish the texture are there in open gl render mode. Next time I will learn to map properly and get rid of the noticeable seam. Thanks for your help.