Lofting in Blender?


is there any easy way for lofting in Blender? I mean one easy command to join two parts of mesh (same number of vertices and edges) as it is described in the picture here under?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:


This is called “Bridge Edge Loops” in blender and there exists a script to do it:


Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately it does not work properly. See the picture.

Maybe I am to stupid to understand how to use the script :confused:


Yes the script has worked fine now all you need to do is ctrl-n to recalculate normals and then press w and choose set smooth.
looking again it looks like youve donw it twice or something as well.
Recreated what you have done, if you do just one loop to another it works fine if your doing 3 loops at once like you have done when you get asked to choose loop or segment, go for segment then it will work ok. Then do the above.

Thank you very much. I have done some more testing and discovered that the problem was in mirror modifier. When it was applied to the mesh the scrip starts to work fine. Thank you once more.