Lofting NURBS surface = jagged not smooth

OK, I am quite new to 3D modelling in general. I have a handle on mesh / subsurf stuff, but NURBS always, always gives me trouble. Here’s my question:

I have drawn a NURBS surface curve into a particular shape. This shape looks all smooth, with nice smooth curves.

If I duplicate it a couple of times, resize the dupes, and then skin these surfaces, the resulting “skin” no longer reflects these smooth curves, but a jagged, low-res-seeming reflection of the original curves.

What gives? How do I skin several NURBS surface curves and actually keep the smooth profile of these curves in 3D, which is the purpose of this to begin with, no?

Neverming; I answered my own question - I just needed to increase the Resol U and the Resol V amounts.

Hurray for Q&A self service. :stuck_out_tongue: