Log Cabin

Blender+Yafaray photonmapping.


Wow… Excellent! Very nice feeling to the whole room. The foliage looks amazingly realistic. Three thumbs up!

Very nice render. Overall atmosphere is good along with composition and lighting.

Only critique I can make is the fireplace rocks look flat, they don’t really pop out of the image like the logs do.

Other than that it’s excellent overall.


Like the others, very nice overall feel to the room and lighting is very nice. Textures are nice too. Have you added an AO map? Some things like the sofas and pot plant could benefit from one if you haven’t added it. They could be ‘grounded’ a little better. There is quite alot of repetition of textures but im sure your aware of this.
Question: How much editing to the textures do you do before you apply them and if so, what sort of editing? Especially for the main wood texture.


Photon mapping+DL AO with 30% overlay.

Plants, sofa, lamps, tables, animal and decorations are from http://archive3d.net/ and all models have too many polygons. Sofa unwrapping is impossible so the leather for sofa is Blender material with orco input for Blender textures.

Fireplace need more subsurf for displacement but I am afraid that this would increase the number of polygons to much.

Texture of large objects are made like seamless textures (filter-offset ect…) and all textures you can find on cgtextures.com.

Photon mapping render is saved like EXR file and rerender in Blender compositor