Log Cabin

My first attempt at rendering a full outdoor scene


Nice work for your first full outdoor scene. Nature is always a difficult topic.
I like the idea of the contrast between the big city and the lonely house in the woods
and the models are pretty good :wink:

To give some points, which could improve your render:
All in all the render looks a bit flat and it is not clear where you want to lead
the viewers eyes because the city and the log cabin both draw attention, but not enough
because you have this huge space before them.
All your surfaces are pretty rough, so there is no specular highlights. Maybe give some grass
a bit more glossy mix except you really want to go for the super dry look.

Also the foreground looks rather empty and not so exciting, maybe adding a tree shadow there on the right
or some rocks. Adding depth of field could improve it also.

Keep on going :wink:


Thanks. That’s encouraging and good advice, and I can see what you are saying in each case.

I’ll try and make those changes over the next week or so and I’ll post the revision.

So here it is again. I have attempted to address some of the points raised, but I have kept the overall “very dry” look as that is what I was going for.


Cool, the path and the stones make it really more balanced. Though I propably would have placed the path more to the left.
Now your scene is a bit heavy on the right side and the dirt texture should have a higher resolution/more tiles.
A more dramatic light scenario could be interesting, too^^

But yeah for the first outdoor scene that result is already good :wink: