Log House

Hey guys this is a Log House that I made from The Architecture Academy! It took about 12 hours to render. Feel free to leave critiques and questions! I’m always trying to improve, so tell me whats weird about it, what need to change and whats good! :slight_smile:

Wow amazing work! Perhaps brighten up the windows. And this further proves that I’m the only person who uses simple shading and lighting effects for my renders xD

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try that out sometime!

Overall, I like how everything looks.

I think the tiling on the roof might be off. Too small, too spaced apart… The stuff they do the roof with overlaps. That’s (one way) how they keep the wet stuff out. Also, with the texture as it is, it seems too flat, especially compared to other parts of the image. Do a search on roof tiles to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

On the chimney, I think the size of the rock texture is too small. I don’t usually see pebble sized rock pieces used to make a chimney. If it’s a stone chimney, the pieces of rock are closer to the size of a dinner plate or serving platter (though thicker and heavier). In other words, large pieces of stone.

You’ve done a lot of great work here! Just keep tweaking and you’ll get it right!

Ok I’ll do that! For the roof, I couldn’t really find a texture that I really liked and that would fit this scene. So if you know a website that has good textures, and how to get normal maps please tell me! But thanks anyways from the reply

Hey try this website for textures. http://www.cgtextures.com/index.php

Also you can use crazybump to generate a normal map. http://www.crazybump.com/

There are other ways to get Normal map. I heard photoshop can do generate normal maps but I am unsure how true that is.

Oh man! U have the use the CrazyBump software. It`s gorgeous!

By the way…nice work but as gradyp said…change the texture, make some adjutments.

Thanks Rexono and Andr3yAngel for telling me about the program! It is so useful! How did I not hear about til now!

Well, at first glance, the sun seems to be a bit dim here and the scene overall could use a slight bump in contrast. The window reflections also seem to be a bit dim as of now.

Also, try making a larger texture for the roof tiles so as to greatly reduce the tiling effect. You also might want to fix the repeating in the patio texture as well as in the plants. The patio also seems a little off in how it integrates into the lawn.

A nice start for an image, but some work could be done to take it to the next level of quality.