Logged in as bart on blendernation?

this is strange… I just visited Blendernation, and of some reason I was logged in as bart…

hm… :confused:

here is a screenshot:



Maybe u should get that fixed before someone elsel go in as him and do some damage…

That could have been photoshopped (no, made in paint) very easily. If it wasn’t… Then it needs to be fixed. Fast.

Whoa!! This wasn’t photoshopped, the same thing happened to me! Someone should notify BN…

I’m also logged in as bart:)

It isn’t photoshopped. I am seeing it, as well.

Try going to blendernation yourself.

Should I leave a comment to prove that this glitch is happening? Or is there a better way to notify bart?

EDIT: that was a stupid question, I’m contacting bart right now.

I just went to look at the Blental story and was logged in at Eugene(etr9j)

I’m guessing this is a bug but better not mess with the accounts and post spam with them.

It seems that we’re logged in as the last person who posted??

EDIT: We get automatically logged in as the last administrator who posted… Very bad.


Thanks for bringing this up, and thanks to dipingo for getting this to my attention so quickly. Bart has seen this now and will be fixing it. This appears to be a bug related to a recent upgrade. The bug is a display issue only; if you actually post something, it will display the correct name for the post. Nobody has administrator rights on the site still, other than the actual administrators :smiley: Will be fixed shortly.


That’s good that it’s only a display issue… A lot of damage could have been done.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, everyone. It’s ironic, but a security upgrade I did earlier today broke some of the template functionality… Anyway, it’s fixed now.

Have fun, and see you around!


woa, I was already writing a reaction. Phew, closed the window without posting :confused:

heh lol… :smiley: