Logic and Linked Objects

I have returned with another question!

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:
I have a first person setup, and I want to allow the player to pick things up standard first person style (like Portal or Oblivion where the object hovers some distance in front of the player’s vision).

Now after a bit of reading and searching, I think I understand a way to do it. Currently, I have the invisible player, the camera (with MouseLook script), an empty in front of the camera which it is also parented to, and the object I want to pick up linked from another blend file. I want to set it up where if you press a certain key and the object is close enough to the empty, the object snaps to the origin point of the empty and is parented to it. Dropping it would just be a matter of removing the parenting.

The problem is I can’t seem to add any logic brick madness to the linked object unless it’s done in the original blend file. That is proving a bit of an issue, considering I don’t know how to reference the empty from the original blend because it exists outside of it.

So really my question is, how would one deal with logic bricks on linked files?
As always, I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you!

I guess I’ll just keep working on it myself.

Thanks anyway.