Logic and python Question

Okey. So heres the deal. I got a camera and a character with bound box and armature.

Can i parrent my camera to a specific bone in my armature? I want it to look at same direction the bone is looking (HeadBone)

In my python script for mouselook i got atm that when i rotate. my parrent to the camera will rotate.

How can i make so when i rotate the camera i rotate a mesh instead of the cameras parrent. (Bound Box)

If you dont understand plz tell so i can go into more details xD

I fixed the way to rotate the mesh instead of the parrent.

But i still need some way to parent my camera on the armature bone ( Head Bone )

To bone parent:

  • Select the child
  • Select the parent armature while holding shift
  • Go into Pose Mode and select the bone you want to parent to
  • Use ctrl+p and select “Parent to Bone”

Ohh man that worked perfectly! THX :smiley: