Logic Brick 3D platformer Basic Movement

Hi, I’m here to post this little old 3D platform basic movement blend file which I’ve used for a project of

Running+E= Rolling
Left Key= Move camera to the Left Right Key=Move camera to the right
Scroll Up= Zoom in the camera Scroll Down= Zoom out the camera


The blend.file contains one character with wip textures and animations such as the basic walk,jump,fall and roll animations.(note this is a quite old model so the rig and textures of the character might be a bit messy)

Please note that the character in the blend.file is currently used by me in a project,which means that it can only be used for learning purposes,if you have any issue with the following statement please feel free to message me :).

In future updates I plan to create multiple characters and more basic platform features which can be used in any way by everyone :).

Thank you so much ! this is great!!!

Thank you for this Contribution. As I guess that it represents the current Controls of Dreamyland, may I suggest that it is rather irritating to rotate the Mouse with the Keys but zoom it in and out with the Mouse? The Up and Down Keys would make a little more Sense in this Context, if the Mouse is usually not being used.

waruna : I’m glad that it was useful :),by the way did you had any difficulties understanding some of the logic bricks in the blend.file?

C.A.ligari - Thank you for testing out the blend.file and your useful feedback ,I will fix the controls of the game right away as for the mouse it will later be used to perform attacks.
I was planning of using the mouse to move the camera with a script like you have in most of the pc games but since the game is still in very early stages I will just use Keys for now.

thank you great work and thx sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks swordfbli :slight_smile: