logic-brick documentation?

im looking to get started on game blender. my only question for now is: does a documentation exist? not so much for python, just the logicbricks.

The reference section of the blender gamekit which you can buy at the blender store has all the logic bricks and what they do.

Or, if you are either too lazy to get the GameKit or just don’t want to at the moment, you can go here: http://download.blender.org/documentation/NaN_docs/BlenderGameReference/ Under the table of contents, just go down to Game LogicBricks. However, for Python documentation, go to http://blender.org/modules/documentation/pydoc_gameengine/PyDoc-Gameengine-2.34/index.html. This has the documentation for 2.34, instead of the first site, which is for the old Blender (2.25). Hope this helps. :smiley:

thank you. this is exactly what i needed

Is there a version of this doc for download?

Officially, no. You can download it just fine with httrack though.

excellent link dmao even crossplatform and GPL ´ed.
Haven´t tried it yet, but i already like it.
Thank you.Happy Eastern

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Thanks, dmao! :slight_smile:

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Happy Eastern

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we are starting up a new project on Real Effects Studios for people who want to teach and learn how to use the Game Engine. You can find more information in the News And Chat section where we have a topic title “Project UnderWater” or you can go to www.realfxstudios.hostmatrix.org/projectunderwater - we’de love to have you! :slight_smile:

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