Logic Brick help please

i have made a main object, and when that object is near a secondary object and i press the space bar, i want the secondary object to go to the position of the main object. how do i do this? i noticed in the sensor tab there is a “Near” option…would this be it? and how do i use the property tab to activate it?

If you want your ‘secondary object’ to move when spacebar is pressed, you can have the sensor set to Keyboard and Spacebar, then your actuator set to Motion. I’m not sure how to do it if your ‘primary object’ doesn’t hold still, without using Python.

Is this what you meant? If not let me know.

Moving one object to the postition of another could most easily be done in python. I could try to make a code for this (it should be easy) but it would take a lot of explaining to get it to work right. Besides theres many more people that are much better at python to help. If you want a simple blend file, which I think it might be easier than trying to explain, just post or if you want to do it yourself, learn python and the GameLogic module.
The near sensor is for sending a postive signal when an object with a specified property is within a certain range.
To activate this using a property you should use a property actuator.

thanks…python seems really complex…i was wondering if it is a universal game code language, or just a blender language? cuz if it is universal i would be much more interested in it. What if i added a location IPO to the second object…is there a way to connect that to the main object’s position, then when near is triggered, have the actuator go to IPO flipper or play?