Logic Brick Help

I am making a switch camera system using logic bricks, but I have seem to run into a problem. Something isn’t working right I don’t know what is wrong.

Here is a screen shot of what I have so far:

For some reason this isn’t working.

when I press “m” it should add a value and switch the cameras, as soon as I get this part working I will make them loop back around.

Your problem is the Property actuator. In English it reads: “Set cam to +1”. Change the Assign to Add, and it’ll read “Add +1 to cam”.

Thank you very much. It works now.

Or just assign 1 too.

you also need to make another set of bricks, so that when the number is 3, it resets to 1 so that it will toggle back and forth between cameras every time you press M.

ALSO, you can set the default number of the property to 1 so you do not have to hit the key twice to make it work for the first time.

Nice blender theme btw, very bright and visible… got a download link for the theme?

I would if I knew how, it is just text and stuff set to orange and ya I was getting around to making it loop