Logic brick hookup question

If i have an object that randomly rotates right, left, up, down. Is there any special way to hook up the logic bricks so the movements are evenly spaced out? Not sure if I am explaining this correctly i can make a quick blend if needed


Do you mean if the objects decided to choose one of the options, it stays with it for a certain amount of time, before making another decision?

Yeah, so how would you hookup my example of moving up, down right left pretty much evevnly spaced?


To show you what i mean look at the blend It moves forward with a slight wiggle
then when turning it had a stronger movement to the right or left and rotates in the direction of the left or right bend of the armature. I want to know how to hook this up so movements won’t interfere with each other. Play the blend and you will see that the mesh rotates but the action movement does not work that is because only one action can be played at a time the forward movement stops other actions there must be a way to hook up so one action will stop playing allowing the other action to play



moving.blend (145 KB)

You could check this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=184482
it contains a demo, with objects (cube.red/green) performing such things:
look at the “next.rethink” state (6).

  • the object has a timer property running,
  • when the timer is > 0
    —it start calculating a new timer value below zero,
    —calculates if it should move,
    —calculates a new direction

This means the it calculates what to do (forward, direction) and how long to do that. After that it calculates again.

Maybe it helps.

States might be a good idea. I looked at the rethink and states looks like it might be what i need. States has confused me in the past so i will get some tuts


I advice to look for Finite State Maschine (FSM). This is where the states come from. At least it will help you planing the logic.