Logic brick interference and particle system previewing

I wonder if I shouldn’t just make one big thread to ask questions so that I don’t end up spamming your forum guys. I’m happily working away now on my game which will be a platformer along the lines of Banjo and Kazooie ( Lots of collectables and different worlds ) and while I’m building all my art assets up like crazy now I keep running into what should be easy to fix problems that just need me pointed in the right direction or some tutorial that I can’t find.

It’s a bit like the proportional editing crap I had to deal with where I just can’t find a decent explanation about it anywhere :smiley:

First problem: Logic bricks! I have my logic bricks set up fine and have been able to do all sorts with them. I even have a lot more stuff planned for other projects but there’s one thing that’s stopping me get it done and that’s whenever I try to create more than one set of logic for an object connecting to keyboards.

This is an example of what I’m talking about, what happens to me is I make the first character etc. and have everything working, then when I try to make different vehicles and such have logic the logic automatically stays on and I can’t switch anything around, I’ll particularly need to be able to do this properly with cameras.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2KREEPuNDs - There are plenty of tutorials like this where the person using the engine is clearly having particles working in preview.

Second problem: Previewing particles, now I’ve read around on this already and supposedly the blender game engine doesn’t support it and after clicking around I’ve discovered that you can sort of get things working with billboards or actuators? I’d need some kind of tutorial to have that explained to me properly.

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My bad! Didn’t think this was a technical problem or anything so I put it in general.

Please open one thread for one issue. Alternative you can have a single thread in the WIP forums.