Logic brick interference

I have my logic bricks set up fine and have been able to do all sorts with them. I even have a lot more stuff planned for other projects but there’s one thing that’s stopping me get it done and that’s whenever I try to create more than one set of logic for an object connecting to keyboards.

This is an example of what I’m talking about, what happens to me is I make the first character etc. and have everything working, then when I try to make different vehicles and such have logic the logic automatically stays on and I can’t switch anything around, I’ll particularly need to be able to do this properly with cameras.

separate thread made by mod request

If you want to make enterable/exitable vehicles, you can use one of two methods, the States method, or the Property method.
A lot of people would recommend the States method, but I’m personally a fan of the Property method.

Add a Boolean property (call it Active or something like that) to both your player and your vehicle. Your vehicle’s Active property should be set to False by default, and your player’s Active property should be set to True by default.
Set your logic up so that the Active property has to be true in order for an object to do something (if you’re not using any Python, use a Property sensor and have it detect if Active = True, and connect this sensor to every And controller that controls movement, actions, etc).
Now, just make a system that lets your player enter the vehichle (for example, a Near sensor and a Keyboard sensor set to Tap and to detect the E key, connected to and And controller), and have it set the camera to the vehicle’s camera, set the player’s Active to False, and the vehicle’s Active to True. Now you should be driving the vehicle. Do the same kind of thing to set up exiting the vehicle.

Enterable/exitable vehicles is my #1 favorite mechanic in games and I LOVE implementing it. I have a Python script that controls entering/exiting, if you’d like to try it.

To be honest I think that’s just what I need by itself, I’ll just need to mess around with it, thanks and yes, I like vehicles as well :wink: It’s something I’ve been looking into you see for an even more secret game than the one I’m developing now lol :smiley: