Logic Brick Ladder Up and Down

Hi all.

I’m struggling to figure out how to do a proper ladder setup with the logic bricks.
I’ve tried using the collision/motion and radar/motion setups.
It’s fine for climbing up and of course when the key is released the player falls.
The player automatically jump backwards when I try climbing down.
The result I want is for the player to stay in position of the ladder then climb up or down.
Any help is appreciated.

I think the best approach would be to use states. When the player touches an invisible cube at the base of the ladder and you press up/down switch to a “ladder” state. In that state deactivate all physics on the player and only allow up/down movement (up/down keyboard sensor + motion actuator). Pushing left/right or beeing hit by an enemy would transfer you bach into the regular movement state with physics enabled.

I keep forgetting about states. I will try your setup and post the result on here for others to use. The player is set to dynamic, I’m guessing it should work for character physics as well. Thank you Wendigo.

So I’ve tried the method as suggested by Wendigo by switching states using a ladder collision property. The player moves up and down, but shoots all the way through the ground or ceiling. The problem seems to be that the collision sensor doesn’t change back to the first state when passing the ladder edges.

I’ve tried using the radar and near sensors as well, also tried applying material collisions to switch from ladder, ground, ledges. None seems to have worked. The only workaround I have so far is assign a keyboard sensor to climb or release the ladder with a motion controller with a force setting set to 9.80 to counter the gravity.

I know I should use python instead, but the main goal here is to have a working ladder system using only logic bricks.

you need a system to let go and switch back if you hold a key, and bump a invisible object

holding Down key--------and---------leave ladder state
bump into bottom collider/

I’ve tried it with multiple colliders, still no luck. The game is fast paced, so I want to add a ladder system where the player can just up to it and climb up, or when approaching from the top turn around and climb down.

ray ‘ladder’ + button press -> set state ladder

bump collider top while pressing climb up = exit ladder state

bump lower collider while pressing climb down = exit ladder state

space bar = exit ladder state.