Logic Brick request - physical Move to target, and physical track to using torque

Logic Brick request - physical Move to target object using force, and physical track object using torque

with these I can almost do anything Rig-Wise :slight_smile:

actually need a new actuator to make anything, so potentially milions.

i think with nodes should become a normal administration make these simple task.

more similar to a script
something as

[brick event] -> [brick Vector] -> [brick vector normalize] ->[brick mul] -> [brick Motion]


then I could code anything!

A one line request isn’t necessarily the recommended way to make a proposal.

What will it do, what options will it have, what are some examples of its use, how is it different from what you can do with the existing bricks? It’s these types of questions that the one proposing a brick should give an answer to if he wants to have a higher chance of it being considered by the devs. (Because the only thing I can gather now is that you want something that might be doable with a combination of the motion actuator and track-to actuator).

@Ace Dragon:
1 - trackTo not use torque (is as use applyMovement instead of the velocity… give problem with collision)
2 - how increase / decrease force without python?

Motion + track to will not work correctly on a rigid body with a 6dof constraint, the motion part will, but the aiming will need to be done with AngleV or Torque for it to work,

I can think of many cases to use it as well
like a rigid body “Goal” system so it would attempt to follow IK armature actions

I am building a RagDoll for a GPL for everyone that will attempt to follow IK targets,

this would be simple with this tool,:slight_smile:

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