Logic Bricks plus Terrain. Can "Random terrain" be one of the results?

I know that with Python you can go crazy with the Blender, customize it into your unique personal 3D paint-gun, But unfortunately I am really bad at python right now.

So my problem is stated at the title: Making Random Terrain

What I want:
Simple way to create a terrain which gets randomly generated on game load.(Would prefer without Phyton, but if there are no other options, then I’ll dig into Python.)

What I tried:
Noise mesh tool on a 20x20 Grid mesh. It looked well to me, after smoothing out the faces and applying subsurf modifier. But I could not get it to deform the mesh after the game is loaded.

I love Logic Bricks, they really suit me as I’m just trying to make a simple game.
So, again, as the title says, can I make random terrain with Logic Bricks(of course with other tools, but not Python)?

You can get the most dynamic with Python as it allows you to dynamically move vertices around to “generate” a random shape.

Luckily there are more ways to manipulate meshes even without Python:

A) via armature - unfortunately you might need an awful lot of bones.
B) via shape keys - this does not give you to much “randomness” but if you interpolate between “random shapes” you might get a sufficient result.

in both cases you still should run a Python controller to update the physics mesh with the modified mesh (after playing the deformation) otherwise you can see it but not move on it.

def updatePhysics(controller):
   gameObject = controller.owner

[Untested] please check the API for remarks and warnings.

I saw someone generating random blocks over a plan or cubes, dunno for certain, and he claimed that he did it non-Python.

Armature option will be a lot of work.
Doesn’t it slow down the simulation if you have awful lots of bones?

Guess I should get back to this after I learn more on Python-ing.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Indeed heavy armatures are slow. I just want to count the options. Finally you would just play a one frame pose rather than constantly play anything ;).

Thanks for the tips. Would really love see more game logic bricks
Im too lazy :eyebrowlift: