Logic bricks problem.

Okay guys, this is really bugging me.

Basically, I have a main game with scenes (start, choose_car, play) that run fine. The first scene (start) is the main menu. The second scene (choose_car) is where the user will choose their car. And the third scene (play) is the actual level.

Now, I also have an overlay scene which I add on “start”, called ‘overlay’. This has a soundtrack, but also it has an empty, with a property “car”, which is set to 0, but it can change throughout the game (basically, when the user chooses a new car in choose_car, this value is updated via messages.).

Now, what I want to do. When I run the level (play) I want it to get the value of the “car” property in the overlay scene, and update it’s own property with the value (it’s own property is called “car_level”. I’ve tried doing this with…


MESSAGE (findcar) — > AND ------> MESSAGE (“car_is_gt”) IN OVERLAY
PROPERTY (car = 0) ->

MESSAGE (car_is_gt) -------> AND --------> PROPERTY (car_level, assign, 1)

Any Ideas why this doesn’t work? Any alternate methods of making this work? Thanks ever so much!


just try collision …> and …> scene set scene se:level 2 try that

If you could set up an example file I could probably figure it out. Doesn’t have to be your original file, just a setup. I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how you set it up.

Ah, dont worry, i’ve fixed it now :slight_smile: