logic bricks suggestion

Couldn’t find a section for suggestion, so i’m placing it here in game engine since it’s related to that.

Working on my little game here, i came to think it would be nice if I could place a number of logic bricks into a small box.
All logic bricks i mark as movement related, if i could group them and place them in a small box/icon i could call movement, and they would vanish from my standard logic bricks area.

It would keep it more organized and clear up some space.

Ahh. delete this tread someone :slight_smile:

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You can do this already. Simply place all controllers related to movement into a separate state. Then add this state to the inital states.

State 1 for keyboard input
State 2 for mouse input
State 3 for motion logic
State 4 for animation

Just ensure the are all active