Logic Bricks with Keyframes?

Hey, guys.
I’m a noob with game development in blender. I’ve been working on a simple FPS game for a long, hard, whopping 10 minutes. I want to use the logic bricks to make it where when you right-click, it plays a certain range of keyframes.

e.g. Right-Clicks result: Keyframes 10-20 play. Right-Click again result: Keyframes 21-31 play (revert to original pos)

I’m terrible at explaining things… so sorry. What im basically saying is in a fps game, you can right click to aim down your sights, and when you right click again to aim back.

I’ve probably asked for something that’s impossible. If so, I could figure something out with python.


You can use two different actionActuators - one fir aim forward and one for aim back.

If the animation is symetrical, you can use one actionActuator in Flipper mode. Just connect it with a keyboard sensor and fund out what happens.

You can set up a a bool property that gets switched by the right mouse button. On property value = True play the zoom in animation clip and on property value = False play the zoom out animation or keyframe ranges.