logic bricks

how do make the logic bricks move a character in a 360 degrees direction. i am trying to make a mario64 type game that utilizes a analog stick to move the character in full degree motion. the best that i can muster is making the character move in 4 directions using the action editor and the logic bricks (its basically like playing frogger). if this doesnt work can someone recommend me a python script that i can put in the logic bricks controller.

Well, I don’t know about using joystick controls (although they are in there now) I know that if you make a logic constellation like this it should work:

[keyboard key-(___)]--------[AND]--------[Motion (Torque, force on z-axis)]
insert your key ^ make sure z-axis is up ^

Then mirror it, use another key, AND, and opposite of the first motion. Hope that helps.

I think his problem is that his character will only move left and right, and not turn at all, this can be acomplished by drot instead of torque or force.

ive tried those already using the torque, d rot and ang v. all of those just makes the character move in a resident evil tank style movement. i need the character to 360 direction via analog stick.