Logic Editor Tips

Hello everyone,

I have been using the Logic editor recently and I have difficulty improve my workflow, I am wondering if their is some tips I should know to work faster like :

  • Grouping blocks
  • Changing the color of a block
  • Changing color of connected links
  • Deleting multi links

Any other tips to improve the workflow


For grouping blocks you can use states (plus button on the left side of controllers section), But if you mean like perform a group of actions in one block then you can use states controlled by properties. Just search for tutorials on states.
As for the rest, I don’t think that they’re possible currently.

I am using states, but each of them has lots of actuators connected so ideally I would like to group actuators together on the UI.

Ah. This has been a long requested feature; To have coloured logic bricks and connectors and to be able to group them accordingly… Bliss.
It may be coming in a future release of Blender or is already in a custom patch I am unaware of.

I reccomend turning this:

Into This:

Seriously, using simple python can make things a lot simpler, neater, and easier to read/understand.

for me this looks more as it mixes different purposes together. I can see at least

  • movement
  • weapon change

even Python can’t help … it will be the same mess … just in Python ;).

Therefore I recommend to separate the logic bricks for each purpose. If you need them at the same game object … you can use a state for each purpose. If they do not need to be at the same object use several objects e.g. one for movement, one for weapons switch, one for camera control, one for user input (in case you want to make it dynamically) …

Yeah, that particular set-up was a mess. I should have divided things up into states. As it was, I actually had two python scripts, one for weapons and one for movement.