Logic moving problem


Ive been working on a simple fps game for the past few days. I managed to get my character moving and shooting, including mouselook but somehow when i look down to the ground my character gets launched of the platform. I have a cube set up to act as my character and i have a camera parented to the cube. The gun is then parented to the camera. The movement is simply done by WSAD keys. If you think the problem is in the Mouselook script i can post it, just let me know. Maybe i’m doing something wrong with the Logic settings of my character. I’ll include the blend file so you can see what I mean and maybe help me fix it.

Thanks in advance.


fps_v001.blend (443 KB)

It’s just a matter of the gun colliding with the ground. When you look down, the script wants to shove the gun through the ground, but the physics engine wouldn’t have any of it; this conflict causes your dude to get flung back since they’re all connected…
Either add limits to your mouselook, use another mouselook, or make the gun a ghost. It’s your call… :rolleyes: