Logic Node Folders (Feature request for Game Logic nodes)

I have a request for a feature in Blender. I have several objects with huge node trees like this. I wish there were a folder feature here where I could organize sets of nodes that perform individual tasks and I could access them in their own separate folders without it being so confusing. As it is, everything is in your face at once as a huge mess.

But some folders would have links out right? and how do you determine which sensor the links are from? Additionally how do you decide to hide or unhide a folder?
I think a better system is something like the Logic-nodes addon as this organizes it a bit better.

you can put the logic in states, and hide them that way, its almost exactly the same, but I wish you could set color for each logic brick by hand.

How do you put nodes into states? I can’t figure it out.

Click the little (+) under the controller combobox (top middle of your screen shot).