Logic nodes for UPBGE. Any plans?

Hi there,
I used to be pretty heavily into the BGE a long time ago, but the main thing that drove me away was the speed of the renderer and the lack of a decent visual logic node system.

Well, it appears that the renderer has greatly improved since back then, but in my investigations into BGE, I’m still not seeing any mention of logic nodes (like Armory3D’s logic nodes, or Unreal’s blueprints or Godot’s Visual Scripting - although I don’t like VS much).

Does anyone know if there are any plans for a logic node system (not just logic bricks) down the track? Yes, I’m aware of the old logic nodes addon, which seems discontinued, and I’m aware that “real” game devs use code, etc. I’m more an artist looking to do a 1 person project and focus on the art side rather than spending that time learning to code. (Full respect to coders out there)

it looks like everything nodes project ‘guts’ will be brought into master soon

after this it may be possible to use that code to make fast logic bricks after that point.



Looki here, there was a guy who started a node system, but eventually he dropped the project.

This is were its now, still being developed :+1:

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