Logic not working with multiple objects

Okay, so i went to continue on an fps project im working on, and was working on the health when all of a sudden the logic wasnt working, for some reason in this scene, i cant shift select 2 objects or more, and see the data for them in the logic panel, meaning i cant connect logic from cube 1 to cube 2, heres a screenshot of my problem, both cubes are selected, only the recently selected one shows up in the logic editor.

I prefer to use

always------------and-------------copy property

and then use the property to determine what should happen… that way you can always easily change the target.

I just tried that, didnt exactly work for me im trying to do this.

[ Health Counter (text) ]
Property (health = 0)------------and—scene (set scene game over)
—and—property (-5 health)
[ Player Collision Box ] /
Touch(touched by zombie)–/

How would you do that with copy property?

In hitbox

Collision with zombie—and—message player subject damage_Z1

Check out this .blend

Also I believe you can do what you were talking about, you have to click the name of the object you wish to add logic to, see how it is white?

Ah, that makes sense, before i checked this what i ended up doing was just making a new scene and appending everything from my old one, because other things started being buggy. But thanks! :smiley: