Logic of grouped object

Hi guys, a quick one:
Is there any way to edit the logic of an object group?
I have my test map full of 100 Charm spawners. The spawners are part of the same group.
Due to having to reload the Health Charm they are supposed to spawn in, the “add object” actuator is now blank.
The only way I know how to do it is to select the group, then one by one go down the list of literally 100 spawners and edit them.
Is there any way I can edit them all at once? I mean… they are all part of the same group, after all…

You mean like copy logic bricks? You can do that. Spacebar -> “Copy logic”.

did you add the spawners in as a group instance or did you just make duplicates ?

I made duplicates… I’m guessing that means I’m doomed…

select all of the objects, the active object should be the one with the latest changes, then “Object” menu at the bottom of the 3d view, “Game”, then “Copy Logic Bricks”.

Objects that are part of the same group are still different objects. They are different as each other object of the same scene.

Linked duplicates link the same mesh and material, but not the logic, physics and transformation or name.

I think your spammers would better be instances of the same group. Then the linked instance member share the same logic. This means whatever you change at the group object will automatically be changed at the group instance. (The instance objects = the empty with dupli group have the same dupli group assigned, nothing else).

Alright, I didn’t know you could do that. Well, next time I’ll know what to do.
Thanks ^^