Logic Tic Rate.


I did a test and I limited the framerate to 30 but the mouselook its laggy! The animations and the rest look fine but the mouselook its a bit jerky.
What i want to ask is: Can I somehow increase the logic tic rate only for a script? Like I run the entire game at 30 but I somehow want to run a script at 60fps?

Is this possible?

My mouselook script looks really smooth at 60 fps but yeah… at bit dodgy at 30 fps. Using setLogicTicRate() in any script will apply to everything.

You might be stuck with the usual economies. Some objects and scripts don’t need a true pulsing sensor or can be set to fire every 2, 3, … 5 frames.

Monster will know.

Just wondering… Why do you need your game to be at 30fps? I’m asking because maybe there’s a way to get past changing the framerate of the game.

Yea I agree with this. Why not just run everything at 60fps? Whenever I play a game, I almost expect it to play at 60fps. Anything less and it just feels ‘slow’. Even games that are pretty old now, like half-life run at 60fps.

Can your game run at 60fps? I’m also wondering why it needs to run at 30fps?

I think any cheap new PC can handle 60 fps. If you like your mouselook the way it is, it’s better to upgrade your PC.

Actually, this isn’t the case. For my multiplayer clients, the more constant the frame rate the better. Often games run just below 60.many source games run at 30. The simpler the game, the higher frame rates it can run at

I agree, I read Monster’s post and immediately tried with my “original” mouselook and it works fine.

As Monster said, maybe you have a different situation.

Thanks for reply.
First of all not all pc can handle 60 ,esspecially for a game made with the ancient bge.
I wanted to test bge at lower fps to see how it looks like,and it looks bad.
Call of Duty at 45 fps is 100% smoother than blender at same fps and i really dont know why, so thats why i started testing blender on lower fps.