Logic : toss and settle to stop

I am trying to create are small sequence where I take a small box and throw it on a table, have it bump into a few things and then settle and become still. I am also new to Blender logic and have come as far as being able to apply some force to the object in question, but then not being able to have it stop afterwards.
I’d like to be able to animate it’s initial arc through the air before physics and moment take over the falling and settling part, but I also can not successfully pass my keyframed values to the object as an action input.

Again thanks for your help and any direction would be greatly appreciated.



rigidbodytest_12.blend (161 KB)

If you want to play an IPO you should use an IPOactuator to play it.
If you want to add forces to the object, you better use LinV (e.g. 10) or Force(e.g. 500) not Loc. Loc changes the position like teleporting.

I hope it helps

Thanks Monster,
I took your advice about using Velocity instead of Location. I am still not sure how to get what I am looking for, but I’ve been able to control the object a bit better in this scene.

I’d like to take the IPO animation to animate the initial throw and then have the BGE work out the simulation of the fall and settle. I haven’t figured that out yet, but the attached file is closer.



rigidbodytest_13.blend (164 KB)

Hey bin23

May be I don’t understand what you exactly want but I hope this helps


rigidbodytest_14.blend (164 KB)

thanks. That was, in fact, what I was trying to accomplish. I am happy and impressed that you were able to decipher my some what cryptic objective. Being new the BGE I was afraid that I’d not learned enough to be able to as an intelligent question.

splintercdo, are the statements in the attached image being applied in reveres, or are they, since they all have the always attribute toggled concurrent and happen at the same time.

Thanks again to both you and Monster.



I am sorry again:p

may be again I didn’t understood your question till the end cause english is not my mother language.:confused:

  • The execution order is always


  • all sensors,
  • all controllers receiving any pulse,
  • all active actuators.


But if I catch the idea of what you was asking then you should learn a bit more how does logic bricks work http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Game_Engine/Logic and how sensors, controllers and actuators works at all and between themselfes.

Basically when sensor has sent a pulse, controller get’s this pulse and decides wether to activate actuator and let him to do his job or deactivate it,

if there is no pulse from sensor controller does nothing so the actuator remains in position it was left when there was last pulse.

For you here importenant is how does sensor sends it’s pulses: http://gameblender.wikia.com/wiki/Sensors (I also attached small blend that you can use together with this wiki article) [to use blend I attached look at the logic bricks and try to change settings of the sensor then press spacebar and look what happens with cube and also be sure to look at console window there you can see what and how much pulses are sent, you can also change the type of sensor from keyboard to for example always don’t be afraid to experiment ]

hope this helps:yes:



logictics.blend (132 KB)