logics and ogre or b2c

lets say i integrate ogre or crystal space in blender,i create a cube and use the logic bricks to make this cube move when a key is pressed on the keyboard.will the cube move if i use ogre or crystalspace instead of blender game engine?

in other words will it be possible to use the logic bricks to create games using another game engine?

i love the blender game engine but it doesnt work, everytime i press the p button to test the game it crashes.so my only option is another engine.

Ogre and CS are being integrated into Blender already. Some things don’t work yet, though. Is your Graphics Card good enough??? Hope you get it to work…

:confused:Oreo, it sounds like you want to integrate Ogre or CS into blender… But with the question, it doesn’t seem like it since, it would be possible if you code it to be possible.

Currently Charlie (Snailrose) is doing the Ogre implementation and yes I’m almost 100% positive logic brick functionality will be there. I think he said he’s working on the scripting first.

As for CrystalSpace, Jorrit is implementing it to work with Blender. Haven’t played around with it that far yet, but you can assign variables, parameters, etc. Not sure if it does logic bricks though.

well actually i dont have a graphics card.i use my onboard via s3g.can u kindly direct me to the ogre integration?

so for now the only availabe engine is crystalspace?

with Celstart you can do a lot. There are some pre-rolled scripts for you to use. First person shooter mode, 3rd person camera, NPC, and a few other scripts.

You will need to learn XML or Python to make custom logic.

If you know C or C++ you can use the main game engine, I am pretty sure you can access most of the game engine with python too

here is where you start:

Cool game engine once you get it installed, it has many features of AAA game engines.

is the ogre integration still in development?