Logics bricks....how would i?

ok…i am just testig some new efects in the GE for some games that i may make…

i am trying to make a fast firing missile launcher (like in spcae…swarmers if you want to call them that)

i have 4 emptys firing the missile meshes (4 missile meshes on a different layer)
and they shoot straight…this is where my question comes in.
which logic setup would i use to make them randomly arc? and toward the nearest object with the property: enemy?

thanks in advance :smiley:

You should send a PM to p00f, he is the logic brick master around here… I quit.

ok, thanks…i will give him a PM :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible with logic bricks.

For tracking to the nearest object with a property, I seem to remember a script for that. I think skullbunny made it.

I dont have a solution right off hand, I have a feeling what plantperson says is the way it is .

Maybe randomly move one empty around and make it track to that.