Logics question


I’ve recently started using blender and I’ve an object appear with an action by pressing a button, but, I’m can’t seem to figure out a way to not allow it to re-appear again when I press the button again. I read something talking about using properties, but I don’t get it. I also want to know a way to make another object appear right after the first one, without pressing anything

property count = 0

One time appearing:

property sensor (count, equals, 0) + button sensor -> AND -> actuator (whatever you do to make it appear) + property actuator (add, count, 1)

Additional appear:

property sensor (count, equals, 1) -> AND -> actuator (whatever you do to make the other object appear) + the above property actuator (add, count, 1)

Enable the D right of the property “count” and display debug info in the game menu to whatch the value changing.

I hope it helps

I’ve got the one time appearing, but I’m still having troubles with the appear after one

Edit: Nevermind, I got it using message and delay :]