login problems

(system) #1

test (will edit imediatly)

(system) #2

Ahhh… no login required… I see :slight_smile:

Im having problems getting the login to work properly, seems to forget everything imediatly… I.e. I just typed in my Username and password but when i submitted It put me back to the main forum screen without login.

typing in the user/pass works on about 1/3 of the attempts. and often the cookie’s work and it logs me in automatically but once the system has decided its not going to accept… Iv got no chance of getting in that day.

Other observed trends = once logged in if i loose my conection and have to re-dial I cant get back in with the new IP#,

When posting from unlogged it will (as expected) show the login screen, once entered and submitted it will return me to the same login screen over and over again (i.e. dosnt tell me Iv typed in the username/password wrong unless i do actaully typo, it just returns me to the login screen)

Im using Win XP with AOL Dialup, cookies are enabled

thanks MNME.

(thetechie) #3

AOL dialup and not AOL? Yes?

(system) #4

nope… Im using the AOL borwser thing… havnt tried with IE… may help

(thetechie) #5

Okay. Try it and let me know.

(Timothy) #6

aol browser :frowning:

If you want to keep using that browser you may want to disable cookies all together

(OOPz) #7

Humm… What a massive supprise… Its just AOL being TOTALLY F’kn useless again…
Iv really got to get my own computer so i can set it up with a competent IPS… I think your right about just disabling all cookies… almost none of these auto logins ANYWHERE seem to work properly

thanks MNME

(Timothy) #8

I will probably add a fix to the problem today,… I am not 100% sure though since it has some downsites (less secure).

I’ll think about it some more :wink:

(OOPz) #9

I dunno what you did… but its working perfectly now, thanks

(Timothy) #10

hehe I didn’t do anything yet :slight_smile: but good that it’s working :slight_smile:

(OOPz) #11

yeah… apparently… Just a lucky spree… I think its coz iv been online constantly for about 4 days (still the same IP)