Logitech G600 Blender preset here! #1

Hi guys,a although i work on a Wacom Intuos Pro M, i also use the mouse a lot in Blender, here are my (production proven) G600 settings for all that have this mouse.
Violet mode is Object mode work, Green mode is Edit mode work, Red mode is Node editor work:
PS: Beware for the Z key if you have a non-English Keyboard, you MUST assign the Y key on the mouse instead of Z (for Undo for ex.)!


Would it be possible for you to export the 3 profiles and provide a way to download them? It would help considerably, though I hope that it uses a format that doesn’t require translation, lol. I’m not sure its worth the time trying to translate all your button definitions (ok, not all, but there’s still a bunch). Thanks for posting this though, I’m hoping to find a setup that’s really helpful.


Well, i made a mistake, i programmed the mouse, not profiles, and sadly you cant export the profiles out of the mouse firmware (stupid).

Basically, i need to make a new profile with the same settings… but this time with the new 2.78 pie menus.
I will post them asap.

Also i got the Apex keyboard wit the extra two rows of 14 programmable profiles for each key (WHOLE KEYBOARD!), and its even better than the mouse, and combined they are a dream team.

enilnacs, do you have a new profile for the mouse?