Logitech WL m505 Mouse Problem (Ubuntu Lucid Lynx)

When pressing the middle-mouse button (wheel) to rotate around object, the rotation starts then stops abruptly after a very short amount of time.
(In Windows (dual boot) this works perfectly normal in Blender.)
Sometimes the camera won’t even start to rotate, and I need to start rotating again.
This renders Blender almost useless on Ubuntu for me :frowning:
Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this problem?


which version of blender?
seems like the behaviour of the snap tool… is snap on?
if 2.5x : do you have emulate 3 button mouse on or off?
does this happen with fresh blend files?

version 2.49b
I tried with both emulate 3 button mouse on/off, no difference.
snap does not seem to be activated.