LogLin Conversion


I’ve been playing around with different input file formats in the Node Editor.

When I try to open the Log-Encoded Kodak Digital LAD Test Image the image is looking way too dark.

Is there a better way to (almost) correctly display Log-Encoded Material than adding a Gamma Correction of 1/2.2?

Shake seems to have a LogLin Conversion Node for this job.

Properties - Scene - Color Management - Render: Log

Thanks, but this only seems to take the too dark image and convert it to LOG again.

When opening the LAD Test Image in After Effects or DaVinci Resolve the gray square on the right gets the correct RGB value of 111/111/111.

I can see what you mean now.

As it seems to me the image gets loaded wrongly in blender. Since the image clearly has information in the hair, but blender blows it out to 1.0/1.0/1.0 Wrong lut or whatever it be. I think this could be a Bug in Blender…

not sure though if the right person comes along this thread to enlighten us. It might be better to put it on Mailing-list or simply put it in Bug Tracker as a Bug. I could do that if you like (report it as a Bug).

It’s not a bug, its color management, if you’re importing imagery that isn’t sRGB gamma or linear domain EXR’s you need to tell blender what the source is via the Movie Clip Editor and go from there into nodes or fudge the gamma adjustment in the node editor or read up on OpenColorIO and add the necessary transform into the color management opencolorio folder in your blender install.

found some source on this: