Logo Animation For A Friend

This is the first time I’ve ever used blender for anything other than creating characters and animations for use in video games. I’d love to hear any critiques or comments about it, thanks for watching.

for being brief I think it does what you want it to do…
skull appears to be lacking in detail around the nose…
but heck I would call it done if you didn’t want the hassle
I don’t understand the “safe” concept but it isn’t mine so I can say much more about that.
but it is obvious what each of the elements are.

Couple quick things I think would improve this. 1st and foremost… lighting lighting lighting, everything is evenly lit, throw a few spots in there and make the background mysterious because it’s barely lit. Another thought, put the camera closer to the ground and have the pieces fly at the camera. Put a touch of camera shake when the safe hits to give a feeling of mass. Shoot a video of a large heave object falling and hitting the ground or view one off youtube and match it. Try this in cycles, you’ll like it better I think. Just a few thoughts, obviously if it’s good enough for you move on, but I think you could improve it a lot.

Thanks for the comments, I’ll see what I can do about your guys suggestions. Oh and NRK, I like the saying in your signature.