Logo Animation for Sales Video

Here’s a short project I’m working on right now. Just need a short, simple, but quality render of a logo fly-in for a sales video that I’m updating. Have not yet added vector blur, but would like crits on rendering, lighting, materials, etc.


not much going on but as you said if there looking for just a logo fly in its nice.
a couple of things:
i think it should fly in from off screen, right now its from some random angle and looks very awkward.

the motion could be smoother

the first light that passes across it has something strange going on. the “Whyte” part flashes or something, looks almost like a render artifact. dunno if that was intentional or not…

oh and one more thing: the font for the slogan ( “1 to 1…”) is not that great. i googled them and see the logo on their website has the letters closer together. i think it looks better like that. did you design the logo or they gave it to you to reproduce in 3d?

from their website: http://www.whytefitness.com/images/1_Home_Whyte-Logo.png

Thanks wysiwyg, I agree with you… The rendering does need to be a little smoother, and starting off screen would probably work better. It will be used in the video with the logo segment crossfading in from live video, so I didn’t think it would matter.

The text in the bottom is different as I was having trouble with the curve path extruding. But now I’m using a flat curve, so I can go back to the original text. Cheers.

Nice, but I think you went overboard with the spot light flashing. One pass would be more attractive to me than 4, at seemingly random intervals.