Logo animation for Youtube video's

Dear Blender Artists,

I’m looking for fulfillment of a freelance job; a professional logo animation to be used as an introduction to my Youtube video’s for my safari-company.

I did some preparation to establish what I would like the end-product to look like and have some insight in what Blender can offer (the very basics that is;-)). A lot of inspiration for the end-result comes from tutorials by Andrew Price / BlenderGuru, but I’m quite sure there are loads of other good examples and ways to achieve this.

Anyway, I figured it might make sense to split up the job between a fairly simple and straightforward logo-animation to start with and a more complex one with realistic materials and realistic natural environment (again BlenderGuru’s Nature Acadamy proved to be of inspiration). Whether or not I will only go for the simple version or the complex one in the end depends on the costs really.

So in the attachment I wrote down some of my thoughts and requirements.

If you are interested in this job, please have a look at the attachment and let me know your offer for Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 (seperately) on PM. Please quote in your local currency, and please also let me know when you have time for this job/ when completion is expected (roughly).




Blenderartist job description.pdf (207 KB)

I pmed you.

I sent you a PM.